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"All cooperatives do not start the same, but SUCCESSFUL CO-OPS have one thing in common: members that meet, talk, and are on the same page. That is why co-op meetings are the heartbeat of a good co-op. Therefore, we are launching the “CO-OP FUND” to help co-ops host meetings, build relationships with neighbors, and reduce some financial burdens that may be associated with hosting a co-op meeting!"

100% of the funds raised for this initiative will be generated by t-shirt and hoodie sales with our exclusive “Whitetail ManageMENT” design. available IN OUR SHOP! These shirts were designed FOR deer co-ops and thIEr invested whitetail managers. THIS DESIGN HighlightS the importance of management tools such as: the jawbone extractor, tape measure, disc harrow, chainsaw, axe, prescribed fire drip torch, and even down to the bullets and SD cards used to make those CRUCIAL management decisions each year!
This is a design for the whitetail manager, by a whitetail manager. 

Deer Lockup Textured Cream.png


Co-ops interested in applying for funds can apply AT THIS LINKco-op leaders/members can apply for a one-time stipend of up to $200 per co-op to host a co-op meeting. Those interested in applying will have to provide info on the location of their current or potential co-op, contact info, document the co-op with NWC, and provide info and photos of the meeting at which  National Wildlife Cooperative funds were used. NWC contacts or partners will have the opportunity to attend any meetings we fund if scheduling allows. Funds distributed will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis - allocated based on total shirt sales BY 1/1/22.


"100% sourced, printed, and designed in the U.S.A.
Printed and sourced in Florida, Designed in Idaho, and fulfilled from Tennessee - this shirt is truly a homegrown effort. We understand the values of our co-op members, and the importance they place on wearing a truly American product. It means more now than ever before." - nwc founder, hunter pruitt

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