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Want to Join a Co-op that is already on the landscape, and possibly in your own back yard? Check below to see if a co-op is located near you.


Do you know of a co-op that we haven't documented? Reach out and let us know! 


If your interested in starting a co-op, but there isn't one currently operating in your area, click here to see if someone else in your area is interested in working with you to start a co-op. 


1. Ranger QDM Cooperative

Gordon County, GA | 2,000 acres

Contact: Harry Pruitt

2. Hawkinsville QDM Cooperative

Pulaski County, GA | 5,600 acres

Contact: Brince Coody

3. Woodland QDM Cooperative

Talbot County, GA |4,600 acres 

Contact: Brad Waddell

4. Hyco Plantation Cooperative

Crawford County, GA | 3,500 acres

Contact: William Selby III

5. Spring Creek QDM Co-op

Early County, GA | 23,560 acres


6. HVHC Cooperative

Hancock County, GA | 2,600 acres

Contact: Mark Loudermilk



1. Whetstone Wildlife Co-op

Cumberland County, KY | 1,667 acres

Contact: Zack Vucurevich

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