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The National Wildlife Cooperative launched in 2020 to provide wildlife management cooperatives a national platform to connect with your co-op, local landowners, or hunters interested in joining, and to document the conservation benefit that private landowner based co-ops provide for wildlife across the United States landscape. This project was launched by a group of industry and technical specialists to provide co-ops a completely free way to connect, grow, and aid wildlife research efforts.

Our goal is to provide co-ops with tailored information on how to start, maintain, and grow your co-ops - all while measuring the conservation benefit you are providing to wildlife through documentation! 

Hunter Pruitt
Cooperative Specialist

Hunter grew up in Georgia, where he started his first QDM co-op when he was 12. He worked for the QDMA for 5 years while attending the University of Georgia (UGA) to obtain his undergrad and graduate degrees in Wildlife Sciences. His masters research was the first to look at wildlife cooperatives on a national scale, and quantify the landscape-level benefits of deer management cooperatives. Hunter help spearhead the National Wildlife Cooperative as a project to quantify wildlife co-ops across the U.S. and provide co-op members with a national voice.

Matt Dye | Land & Legacy
Habitat Specialist

Matt is a Virginia native, received his B.S. in Biology with a concentration in Wildlife Management from Bridgewater College, in western Virginia. His education and career experiences have provided him opportunities to work with whitetails and various game and nongame species on private, state, and federal levels across the country. These experiences lead to the creation of Land & Legacy LLC. Land & Legacy was designed to educate others about habitat management and wise use of natural resources to further improve land and wildlife across the county. Land & Legacy also produces a weekly podcast and vlog to provide additional information to the landowners. 

Stephen Schwartz
Digital Specialist

Stephen lives, works, and hunts in the Piney woods of East Texas - where he is a real estate agent for Hortenstine Ranch Company LLC. He is the father to Conner Schwartz and a husband to Lacie Schwartz. 

Whether he is capturing landscapes and wildlife with his camera, or consulting with a landowner about habitat work, his passion for telling the visual story of hunting and management is unmatched behind a camera or talking to hunters and landowners. 

Adam Kieth | Land & Legacy
Habitat Specialist

Adam grew up in the Ozark mountains of southern Missouri. While studying Agriculture - Animal Science at College of the Ozarks he began his career of wildlife management. His passion and opportunities have allowed him to work with landowners to improve habitat across the country. Now co-founder of Land & Legacy, LLC his mission is to educate others on habitat improvement and conservation through the production of a weekly podcast and vlog providing additional information to the landowners. 

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